1969 Born in St Louis Missouri

1982 started playing Drums

1983 started playing Guitar

1985 switched from to guitar to bass and Joined Zion with J.C. Curry, Steve Paul and Rich Morris, played first gigs

1986 Joined Frontrunner with Steve Allen, Patrick Cunningham and Steve Paul

1988 Frontrunner released the album Without Reason

1988-91 Toured nationally with Frontrunner With Road Crew, Bob Rivers, Jim Wischmeier, David Hea and Doug Behnen.

1989 Switched to Fretless Bass. Frontrunner was featured in two NHK radio Tokyo half hour specials.

1993 Frontrunner released the album Up-N-Cummin

1994 Joined Charlie Don't Surf with Anthony Beel and Chuck Wolters

1996 Built Rock Creek Studio in St. Louis with Steve Allen

1996-2001 recorded bands at Rock Creek Studio

1996 Started in concert production working with artists like Snoop Dogg, Martina Mcbride, Britney Spears, Wierd Al Yankovic, Rascal Flatts, Flo-Rida, Pittbull, The Roots and many more

1998 Joined Loud Mouth SoupĀ  with Kevin Watson, Paul Schaffrin and Keith Dickerson

2001 co founded The Real Me with members from Frontrunner and Kevin Watson

2002 co-wrote and recorded music for the short film Americas Favorite Pastime

2004 Released first solo album The Line Between The Numbers recorded at Rock Creek Studio

2006 left The Real Me and moved to Connecticut

2006 Formed Cheap Thrills with Geoff Brenna and Bryan Walsh

2008-2009 Reunited with Frontrunner at Rocklahoma and was signed to Retrospect Records

2012 Moved to Georgia and joined Ugly Radio Rebellion, Ike Willis's Backing band. And did a midwestern tour including The St Alphonsos Pancake Breakfast Festival in Ohio.

2013 joined The Poetry Thieves with Big Jaye Nelson, Omar Colon, Tanner Tobias and Ray Hemms

2016 co-founded Lost On Peachtree with Jason Fuze and Chris Plante

2016 joined the DMB tribute band Ants Trippin with Miller Brown, Juergan Schlicter, Gaddan Gerard and Colin Ogg

2017 Built Subterranean Steampunk Studio

2018 performed live on The Bubba The Love Sponge syndicated radio show with The Poetry Thieves

2019 Co-produced and played bass on the album Anthony Beel's-Most of the Things... So Far with Miller Brown

2020 New solo album recorded at Subterranean Steampunk Studio With Anthony Beel on Guitar, Miller Brown and Chris Plante on Drums and Sebastian Bartlett engineering.

2020 April Fly is released!