Fly was recorded between July 2019 and February 2020 at The Subterranean Steampunk Studio. 

Co Produced by Shaun Andree/Anthony Beel/Sebastian Bartlett 

Engineered by Sebastian Bartlett and Shaun Andree 

Mastered by Sebastian Bartlett And Shaun Andree 

Recorded with Protools 

Shaun Andree Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals 
Anthony Beel Guitar 
Miller Brown Drums on The Professor 
Chris Plante Drums on Flower Girl 
Gavin Johnson acoustic flavor on Hideaway 
Barry Zeeman Keyboards on We Were Invincible 
Mia Andree Bass on Days Go By. 

Shaun plays Markbass Amps, Helix LT preamp, 
Basses-Fender/Warmoth Precision Fretless bass, Hofner Cavern bass, Gretch Junior Jett bass 

All electric guitar and bass sounds Line 6 Helix LT 

Tama Drums, Zildjin cymbals 

All songs written by Shaun Andree