Shaun Andree has played over a thousand gigs in 25 states. He has co-written internationally distributed albums and movie scores and has also scored music for commercials.  As a bassist, he is known for his fretless playing, aggressive two-handed tapping, and funky grooves. Shaun has exceptional stage presence and is always ready to improvise. Equally capable of pulling off an extended bass solo or laying down a phat groove, Shaun is very at home on stage. 

His touring began at the age of 17, when Shaun toured with the band Frontrunner.  With an extensive following throughout the United States, as well as on the international stage, Frontrunner released two successful albums.

Shaun released the Solo album The Line Between the Numbers in 2005.

Shaun played in Ugly Radio Rebellion the backing band for Frank Zappa’s longtime singer Ike Willis and is also in the touring lineup of Poetry Thieves supporting their number one song Wings Of My Soul.

In 2016 Shaun wrote some of the original score for the movie documentary Voices Of Grief.

In 2019 Shaun played on and Co-Produced Anthony Beel's album Most of the Things.....So Far. Available on Soundcloud.

In 2019, Shaun got married to Dianne. They live in Georgia, they have a blended family with four daughters.

in 2020 Shaun's second solo album FLY was released and immediately started getting airplay in 30+ countries.